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ED2K Release > "Endeavour" Pilot (2012)
Year 2012
Director Colm McCarthy
IMDB Rating 8.3
Genre Suç Dram
In Oxford, 1965, Endeavour Morse is a teetotaler and a classical music loving young constable who considers leaving the force after an unhappy affair but stays to join Inspector Thursday's investigation into the disappearance of schoolgirl Mary Tremlett. By deciphering a code based on crosswords in the local paper and Mary's poetry books, Morse deduces that Mary was meeting a lover and leads Thursday to the site of her murder. Following the suicide of Mary's boyfriend, student Miles Percival, Morse meets Miles' tutor, Dr. Stromming, the crossword setter who was seeing Mary but had an alibi for the murder. DS Lott, jealous of Thursday's regard for Morse's sharpness, attempts to incriminate Miles but then the police learn that Mary and other girls were paid to attend orgies by creepy car dealer Teddy Samuels, who has Lott in his pocket, as well as other worthies. As a result, both Thursday (a great mentor who also introduces the young constable to real ale) and Morse are carpeted. Morse considers leaving Oxford; however, his job and future are secure after he works out the code Mary had written on her hand, ultimately leading to his cracking the case. - In 1965, young DC Endeavour Morse is sent to Oxford to assist in the investigation of a missing 15 year-old girl, Mary Tremlett. The local Detective Sergeant, Arthur Lott, disabuses him of any ideas about being a detective on the case, telling him he's there to do the paperwork. Morse is somewhat ambivalent about being a policeman. He has a degree from Oxford, likes classical music and doesn't drink - meaning he doesn't quite fit in with other policemen. He finds it out-of-the-ordinary that the 15-year-old Mary had hardback first edition books on poetry and the like by her bed. DI Fred Thursday recognizes Morse's potential and gives him wide latitude to investigate. When Morse finds a clue in a crossword puzzle, it suggests to him that Mary was meeting someone in the woods on the night she died. Meanwhile, Morse also meets Rosalind Stromming, a well-known opera singer whose music has already had a great impact on his life. -
Release Endeavour - Season 4 (2012) -UK-
Provider CinTonik

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Endeavour.S04E01.Game.HDTV.x264-ORGANiC.mkv417 MB
Endeavour.S04E01.Game.720p.HDTV.x264-ORGANiC.mkv1244 MB

Endeavour.S04E02.Canticle.HDTV.x264-RiVER.mkv477 MB
Endeavour.S04E02.Canticle.720p.HDTV.x264-PiECES.mkv1395 MB

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