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The Defender (2004)

The Defender afiş
The Defender Film Ekibi

Görüntü Yönetmeni


Lance Rockford
President of the United States
Mrs. Jones (as Caroline Lee Johnson)
Tech 1
The Defender Detaylar
Yapım :

Tür :

Süre : 90 dakika

Resmi Site
Bauer Martinez Studios

IMDB Puan : 5.0/10

imdb tt0402127

La sentinelle, The defender - El protector, Apolytos prostatis, O Defensor - Protegendo o Inimigo, Ochránce, The Defender

DP Puanı : (5 oy bekleniyor)
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Altyazı Gönder
Özet: Today - the global war on terror rages on. The United States will not give an inch against terrorists, especially Mohamed Jamar, considered to be the worst of them all. Jamar has been missing for months, but his network continues its function. The President stands firm before the world, but behind the scenes his teams are working to find the final solution. Jamar represents a paradox: he can never be killed, because if found dead he would become an instant martyr. If caught he must be tried. If he is found guilty he would become a martyr and further inspiration to acts of terror. If acquitted, the policies of the entire western world would be destroyed. So he must remain invisible. Roberta Jones, the head of the National Security Agency, is working to ensure he remains invisible, forever. Under the guise of attending an Eastern European conference on Terror in Romania, she attends a secret meeting with Jamar at a secluded hotel outside Bucharest. No one knows about this meeting and her goal is to buy his invisibility. Her only companions are her security team of six headed by her personal bodyguard, Lance Rockford. They are the best of the best, former military special forces personnel capable of anything. When they arrive at the hotel for the secret meeting they are ambushed no one is supposed to know about the meeting, but someone wants it stopped. They have to fight for their lives against an unknown attacker. Lance, a man of highest integrity with an impressive record of service for his country, is forced into a situation which challenges his very beliefs... The global war on terror rages on. When a government official goes missing, Lance, a man with an impressive record of service to his country, finds himself protecting the man who embodies everything he has dedicated his life to fight against.
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The Defender Film Altyazıları

Altyazılar Dil   CD   FPS   Çevirmen   İnd.   Gönderen  
158289 The Defender
SubRip - Diğer
2 ? Bilinmiyor 28 Profil Dabbetularz
Sub ID:#158289 E.T.: 28 Şubat 2010 Pazar 11:02
  • portekizce
    195143 The Defender
    SubRip - İngilizce
    1 23.976 Korsan DVD-Rip 21 Profil fisherman
    Sub ID:#195143 E.T.: 21 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi 12:02
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