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Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000)

Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai afiş
Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai Film Ekibi

Görüntü Yönetmeni


Rohit / Raj Chopra
Sonia Saxena (as Amisha Patel)
Shakti Malik
Insp. Kadam (as Mohnish Behl)
Insp. Shinde
Rohit's landlord
Lily (Rohit's landlady)
Neeta (as Tanaaz Currim)
(as Rajesh Tondon)
Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai Detaylar
Yapım :

Ülke : Hindistan mini bayrak

Tür : , ,

Süre : 172 dakika

IMDB Puan : 6.5/10

imdb tt0234000

KNPH, Liebe aus heiterem Himmel, Reencuentro con el destino, Say This Is Love

DP Puanı : (5 oy bekleniyor)
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Altyazı Gönder
Özet: A poor singer, Rohit, and the daughter of a very rich man, Sonia, fall in love. While on a cruise ship, they get separated from the rest of their party and end up on a deserted island. They live happily here for a few days until they are rescued. Sonia's friends help Rohit to make a name for himself so that they can get married. But before he reaches this goal, he meets an untimely death. Sonia's father sends her to live with her cousins in New Zealand to get over her heartbreak. In New Zealand she meets Raj Chopra who looks exactly like Rohit. A poor singer Rohit, and a wealthy young woman, Sonia Saxena, get stranded on an island, both fall in love, are eventually rescued, reach home, and subsequently get married. Rohit becomes an eye-witness to a homicide, which he reports to the Police. The killers have him killed, leaving Sonia devastated. Unable to recuperate, she travels to New Zealand, and this is where she meets Rohit's look-alike, Raj Chopra. After ascertaining she is not hallucinating, and that this person is not really Rohit, she returns to India. Shortly thereafter, Raj visits India, and both meet again. The killers become aware of Raj, believe he is Rohit, they plan to kill him, and in the process endanger Sonia's life as well. In the equivalent of the blue lagoon, young Indians Rohit and Sonia end up on an deserted island after their ship meets with an accident. They are thrown into each others arms literally and fall headlong in love with each other. They are eventually rescued, arrive home, and get married. Rohit likes to sing and dance for a living. One while doing so, he witnesses a murder, he runs to inform the police, but is killed, leaving behind a sorrowing wife and the rest of the family. Sonia is depressed for a long time, and travels to New Zealand to get over this depression. This is where she meets a Rohit look-alike named Raj. Sonia does not want any commitments as she has not gotten over Rohit, she returns to India. Raj follows her, and the people who killed Rohit, think Raj is Rohit and set about to kill him also. Will Raj be also killed, and will Sonia accept Raj in place of Rohit? Sonia Saxena comes from a very wealthy family, on her birthday her dad, Mr. Saxena gifted her a car. She gets to meet Rohit, an aspiring singer who delivers the car to her. This meeting shows a great impact on both Rohit and Sonia. Their attraction turns to love when their cruise ship abandons them on a deserted island. Upon there return to civilization, Rohit meets with an accident and is killed immediately. A grief-stricken Sonia is sent to New Zealand to her cousin to recover. When she reached there she meets Raj Chopra, and to her shock he shows a great resemblance to Rohit. Sonia would like to forget her troubled past but faith has something else in store for her as tragedy strikes on both Raj and Sonia when they return to India. But the question remains: Why would tragedy strikes on innocent Raj and Sonia?
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Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai Film Altyazıları

Altyazılar Dil   CD   FPS   Çevirmen   İnd.   Gönderen  
40210 Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai
MicroDVD - İngilizce
1 23.976 Bilinmiyor 76 Profil nrazon  
Sub ID:#40210 E.T.: 23 Haziran 2006 Cuma 06:06
  • 176006 Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai
    SubRip - Türkçe
    2 23.976 King3000 102 Profil Gülbeyaz
    Sub ID:#176006 E.T.: 27 Ağustos 2010 Cuma 03:08
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